Château Haut Cazevert

La Table d'hôtes

For the most discerning gourmets, Château Haut Cazevert offers a table d’hôtes that will delight your taste buds! Whether in front of the sunset in summer or by the fire in winter, you’ll enjoy an aperitif followed by a dinner concocted by Raquel, who will introduce you to her Franco-Spanish cuisine, a traditional blend of generosity and the nobility of products.

Dinners follow the seasons and feature mainly local produce. They will be adapted to your preferences and/or allergies.

In winter, for example, you can enjoy a filet mignon with mustard and honey from our beehives, while in summer you can enjoy vegetables from our kitchen garden in salads or tarts… Emmanuel will suggest food and wine pairings.

Dinners can be served any day of the week except Sunday, and must be ordered the day before.