Château Haut Cazevert


La chambre Cazevert, situé au rez-de-chaussée, vous offre une décoration néoclassique, avec des meubles et objets chinés dans des brocantes, donnant une ambiance chaleureuse à la chambre. Très lumineuse, sa fenêtre ouvre vers le jardin.


located on the 1st floor, with its retro decor that is both sober and charming, this room creates a peaceful atmosphere, perfect for rest. Bathed in natural light, the room offers picturesque views of the garden, adding a touch of serenity to your stay.


The Cazevert room, located on the ground floor, offers you a neoclassical decoration, with furniture and objects found in flea markets, giving a warm atmosphere to the room. Very bright, its window opens onto the garden.


The Harandailh room is the most contemporary in the house but its parquet floor reminds us that we are in an old house. Located on the ground floor, it is very bright and its window opens onto the garden.


Discover the Artistes guest room, a jewel of comfort and elegance nestled in Blasimon. Located on the 1st floor, this room decorated in a cozy style delicately combines green-ochre tones creating a romantic and soothing atmosphere. The rounded lighting diffuses a soft light, accentuating the charm of the room. The room offers a picturesque view of the garden adding a bucolic dimension to your stay. Opt for an immersive and memorable experience at the Bordeaux guest room, where comfort meets aesthetics in the enchanting setting of Blasimon.